Korean Stickers!

Stickers! Yay! When I was young, I used to collect different kinds of stickers. Whenever we go to a mall, I try to look for cute stickers and buy them. I’ll stick them on my notebooks but most of the time, I just stick them anywhere or I will not use it, I just stare at them and appreciate how cute they are, lol. I usually buy transparent stickers and most of them were imported from Korea.

I bought some cute stickers in Korea when I was still studying there. When we went to Everland, I bought a sticker set for only 3,500won. Cheap but cute! There are a lot of cute stuff in Korea, you can buy it in their book stores, stationery shops, even in Daiso and GMarket. I think one of the famous specialty stores in Korea  is Art Box. You can find different cute products like stickers, planners, calendars, toothbrush, lamps, cases etc. The price is also reasonable so it’s good to pay a visit. In Daejeon, we usually visit Art Box located in Eunhaeng-dong. Then last December 24, 2011, me and my friend went to Say Department Store. My friend watched B2ST’s movie-like fan meeting. While waiting for her, I went to Art Box to look for some cute stickers.

Schedule Sticker – 2 sheets for 1000won

Moods – 6 sheets for 1,000won


2 sheets for 1,000 won

Korean Keyboard Sticker – 1 sheet for 1,000 won

Schedule Sticker 2 – 2 sheets for 1,000 won

We also have a CNA store near our dormitory. I bought few stickers from CNA but I’ve used almost all of it in my mini scheduler that I also bought in that store. I am not really into using a decent planner or a scheduler because I’m lazy to put any entries to it. I usually use a piece of paper or a small writing notebook and put all the deadlines I have to meet, etc. But then when I went to South Korea, I was really inspired by some people who uses a planner. They also use it like a diary, they put a note on a date when an important thing happened. They also use stickers to put more fun in their planner. Even though I was planning to buy Super Junior’s 2012 Diary/Planner, I wasn’t able to purchase any 2012 planner in Korea. “Witty Will Save the World” in Facebook/Multiply is produces one of the most creative planners in the Philippines. I’ve seen their 2011 planner and I can say that it’s really creative and really fun to use. I purchased their 2012 planner with a concept of 2012 as the end of the world but I was really disappointed when I received my copy. It was below my expectation. Good thing I bought in with a big discount, free shipping and Buy 1, Take 1. Now, I am waiting for the 2012-2013 UP Academic Planner. They are already accepting pre-orders but I will wait for the pictures first. I hope that I can use these stickers soon!

For those who are interested with the 2012-2013 UP Academic Planner, you can visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/UPAcadPlanner

I am currently looking for Online Shops in PH selling these kinds of Korean stuff like stickers if I can’t find any, I will just ask my friends in Korea to buy more stickers for me. Haha!

Well, these Korean stickers also help me in my Korean Language Study, lol!


4 thoughts on “Korean Stickers!

  1. Yay thank you! I checked out your blog and wow, you’re also learning Korean! Nice to meet you! Yes they are really cute. I wish that I bought more stickers when I was in Korea. They are quite expensive if I will buy it here in Manila 😦

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