MBC’s Radio Star (Golden Fishery,황금어장)

Well, I’ve been very interested with this show from MBC since Kim Gura is one of the hosts. I really like Kim Gura even though he has a “bad” image to South Koreans. He’s very known for his blunt but very humorous attitude when hosting TV shows and he’s also known for a lot of scandals.

I became aware of this TV show because of Kim  Gura. And of course because of Super Junior, when they had a Chuseok Special apperance, when Heechul joined the show and when he was replaced by Kyuhyun since Heechul’s in the army. I don’t watch every episode of the show, I only watch and download the episodes with my favorite artists or those episodes that I find interesting. I download the raw KOR or Hanrel file, yes, with no English subtitles. I can’t find any subbing team that translates Radio Star unless a subbing team translates the part/episode where their idol/s came out.  It’s also quite difficult to listen to Kim Gura since he talks very fast lol.

Watching Radio Star helps me with my Korean language study. I wanted to study higher Korean but the UP Department of Linguistics only offers until Korean 12-13 or Intermediate Korean, equivalent to Level 1B in Hannam University’s Korean Language Center. I just find it hard to understand the humor that’s enclosed in their conversations/interviews. I still need to study a looooot of Korean words and sentence patterns. I can understand maybe, 50% of the show, without the help of a Korean dictionary, and maybe 60% when I use a Korean dictionary (I only use Naver Online English Dictionary and my Korean phone). I sub the parts where Kyuhyun shares an experience of him with the artists or whenever Super Junior is mentioned. I usually make gifs of those parts, put some English translations to it and upload it to my tumblog.

I recently watched the episode with Super Star K’s winners versus Star Audition’s winners. I am just sad that Kim Gura is on a leave because of again, a scandal which occurred way back in 2002. And I translated one part of Kyuhyun’s story lol:

Singer Ailee and Kyuhyun encounter:

Kyuhyun went to see Jay Park, they saw Ailee and Jay introduced her to Kyu. Jay told Ailee to greet Kyu since he’s a sunbae. Ailee greeted Kyuhyun saying “Annyeong haseyo! But who….?” Jay told her that he’s their sunbae, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Ailee replied, “Ah! Super Junior! I really like Siwon but then I don’t know the rest of the members.” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ lmao (I posted this one on my personal twitter account)

I also watch other shows like Star King, Strong Heart, Beatles Code, Vitamin, Super Junior Foresight, We Got Married etc., without English subtitles. I will share stories about theses shows soon! Yay!


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