I miss eating Korean Food!

한식 먹고 싶다!!!!!

I’m really craving for an authentic Korean cuisine. I bought a lot of 김(seaweed used in making kimbap) and a lot of my favorite ramyeon but they can’t satisfy my intense craving for Korean food! ㅠㅠ I also bought some paste for Samgyupsal and Gochujang from Korea but still… I want to eat a REAL Korean dish. Few months ago, I tried to cook different Korean dishes such as Tuna Kimbap, Budae Jjigae, Bulgogi and Gyeran Mari but it really cost a lot to prepare them so lately I wasn’t able to cook any of those dishes.

The food that I want to eat the most is 맛 짱’s (Mat Jjang) 치즈 새우 돌솥밥. Well, 맛 짱 is one of the famous Korean food house near Hannam University in Daejeon, South Korea. Their specialty is mixed rice, shrimp/kimchi/octopus, vegetables and cheese in a stone pot or 돌솥.

치즈 새우 돌솥밥 (Cheese and Shrimp Stone Pot Rice)

This Cheese and Shrimp Stone Pot Rice costs 4,500won. Actually, when we ate it for the first time, it only costs 4,000won. But after a few months, the price got higher. The dish consists of rice mixed with vegetables such as green peas, cucumber and carrots, then with small fresh shrimps, gim and cheese on the top. Since it’s in a stone pot, they will serve it to you sizzling and very hot that the cheese will melt as you mix it with the rice and the gim. The shrimp is also cooked because of the hot stone pot. Yum!!

Here’s another dish from 맛 짱! (Mat Jjang!) Sorry I forgot the name of this dish.

And this is my favorite side dish from 맛 짱! Well, I don’t know the Korean name of this side dish but we call it “Han-Nut”, short for “Hannam Nut”. Basically it’s made up of nuts with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds.  Korean restaurants are very generous when it comes to side dishes, they are usually refillable! So whenever we eat at 맛 짱! we always make sure to refill our side dish plate with “Han-nut”.

So if ever you had the chance to visit Hannam University in Daejeon, South Korea, you should try eating these kinds of food at 맛 짱!


4 thoughts on “I miss eating Korean Food!

  1. I miss eating the Korean food I ate in Korea, too! The only way to combat my cravings is to make it and eat it at home! I’m going to make kimchi this afternoon and I’m so excited!

    • Haha! Yes, actually that’s what I’m doing during my free time. I’m practicing how to cook Korean Egg rolls perfectly because whenever I cook them, they look messy. haha!

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