When I was still in Korea, I saw a lot of posters of the movie Sunny. It was during our school festival and as far I can remember, they did a film showing of this movie. I wasn’t able to watch it there since there are no English subtitles and I am afraid that I will not understand the movie (lol).

Then a few months after our school festival, MBC’s We Got Married announced the participation of Leader Eeteuk with actress Kang Sora. I didn’t know who is Kang Sora so when I searched her name on naver, this poster came out. She’s one of the main stars in the movie. My curiosity grew bigger as I watch Kang Sora on We Got Married and on Dream High 2.

Since it’s still my summer vacation, I found time to download some Korean movies and I downloaded the Director’s cut version of Sunny. For me it was a very good movie. I really loved the story, the characters and the actresses who played their roles very well. I cried after watching this one. I missed my high school friends since I also have a “girl group” when I was in high school.

I watched the movie with English subtitles but I was really very happy that I can understand the movie in Korean. I tried not to look at the subtitles and just listen to the audio. Of course I still can’t understand a lot of parts but I was really happy to know that I can still understand Korean lol. This movie also made me more interested in studying “사투리” or the dialects in Korea. Nami, the main character came from a school in Beolgyo, and they use the Southern Jeolla province’s accent.

Must watch! Two thumbs up!


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